2008: David Krikorian for U.S. House of Representatives

In 2008 David Krikorian ran for the U.S. House of Representatives as the independent candidate in Ohio's 2nd district.

Although he garnered endorsements from the Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police, the Ohio Libertarian Party, and the Georgetown News Democrat, he received only 17.71 percent of the vote, coming in third behind Republican incumbent Representative Jean Schmidt and Democratic challenger Victoria Wulsin.

This site was created for his 2008 run for Congress. After his loss the domain eventually expired.When I discovered that the domain was available I bought it with the goal of recreating much of the former site from its 2008 archived pages.  David obviously believes he can contribute to the U.S. House of Representatives since he mounted another campaign seeking the Democratic Party nomination for the Second District in 2010. He was narrowly defeated.  Nevertheless, David has good ideas and this site should not disappear into the dustbin of expired domains.

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Update: 2020
The US looks a whole lot different in 2020 than it didi in 2008. The Covid 19 pandemic still out of control and the 2020 Presidential election was surreal. Who would have though that the current Republican, U.S. Reps. Brad Wenstrup, who was re elected to Ohio's 2nd district would join a number of other Republican House members and 27 Republican Attorney Generals in supporting a Texas law suit seeking to subvert the 2020 election.On Dec. 10, U.S. Reps. Brad Wenstrup agreed to join a motion filed by the Attorney General of Texas, which asked the U.S. Supreme Court, for the first time in the history of our Republic, to overturn the results of a free and fair presidential election by throwing out the legal ballots of millions of voters. He agreed to join this effort despite the fact that all serious allegations of fraud or misconduct in the 2020 election have been ruled by courts across the United States to be without merit. This effort was quickly rejected by the U.S. Supreme Court on Dec. 11.

Still, the fact that U.S. Reps. Brad Wenstrup signed his name to this attempt to throw out mail-in votes only in states that Donald Trump lost – and not in states like Ohio that also utilize mail-in voting where Trump won – demonstrates that his effort is not about fraud or protecting democracy. His stance blew my mind considering that on his website he states:
Truth, justice, and the American way. I grew up with the black-and-white superman. Every episode started with the narrator talking about superman fighting “a never ending battle for truth, justice and the American way!” I bought into that idea. Today, I’m concerned that too often, in our culture, the end justifies the means. Too many people have the attitude of: If I get want I want politically, it doesn’t matter how I got there. I reject that idea. It does matter. Truth and justice still are the American way – and I will keep fighting for that.
He has certainly become a Trumper over his sworn duty to uphold the constitution and his own stated moral code. Sad. I think that position will almost certainly serve as a new rallying cry for Republicans and Democrats alike in Ohio’s 2nd District who will seek to have him defeated in the next primary and general elections.

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I did a google search to see what David Krikorian was up to. It turns out he has several businesses that have an online presence. Obviously he has moved on and is no longer pursuing a political career. I believe he would have found the past 4 years appalling as so many other people have. I wish him luck.

Please consider this site as a historical reference.



As a true Independent, I am 100% accountable to the voters, not a political party. I am dedicated to restoring America's economic health, strengthening the U.S. dollar, and reducing the price of gas. If elected, I am willing to make the right choices, even if the two major parties are not.


ABOUT David Krikorian


David is an entrepreneur and devoted family man involved in local civic affairs. He is running as an Independent candidate for Congress because he believes that the people in Ohio's 2nd district deserve better representation than what they are currently receiving from the widely unpopular Jean Schmidt.

As a businessman and citizen, David is concerned about today’s tough economic environment. Job security, at any level, is almost a thing of the past. Finding success in a small business is becoming an even greater challenge. The American dollar is losing value by the day, as the federal government becomes even more bloated consuming our tax dollars at an alarming rate. It is the dollar's declining value that has become the main contributor to today's exorbitant gas and food prices which are still on the rise.

David's strong financial sense and strategic thinking is what is needed in Ohio, and in the nation as a whole, not only to understand the challenges of today's economic situation, but to determine the best course of action for our future, and more importantly, the future of our children.

Self-Made Entrepreneur & Businessman

David is a small business owner who has created dozens of new jobs for Ohio. David knows, first hand, what it takes to start a business from nothing, except a dream and steadfast belief in an idea. He knows, from experience, it take years to build a business, brick by brick, until you are able to achieve your goals. David credits much of his success in business to his ability to think outside the box and to develop creative solutions to the challenges associated with both starting and running businesses.

Career Path

  • Founded Parody Productions, a multi-million dollar novelty publishing business, whose customer base numbers in the thousands. Parody, located in Cincinnati, does business with large corporations, as well as, small retailers.
  • Founded DataSuites, a Cincinnati-based information technology infrastructure company, offering data center facilities to some of the city's largest corporate citizens.
  • Vice President and General Manager, Cincinnati Bell. Led a division of over 50 information technology and business professionals. Director Of Strategic Planning. Helped set strategy for the company. Evaluated acquisition targets and met with investment bankers.
  • Management Consultant, Deloitte and Touche, responsible for large-scale information technology projects at major corporations.
  • Masters in Business Administration, University of Cincinnati.
  • Financial Analyst, Fidelity Investments.
  • Undergraduate degree, Economics and Finance, Bentley College. Waltham, MA.


David was born and raised in Rhode Island by his dad, Harry, a postal worker, and his mom, Rose-Marie, a medical lab technician. David is the grandson of survivors of the Armenian Genocide, the first genocide of the 20th century, committed during WWI by the Ottoman Empire. This ancestry has instilled upon David a fierce sense of humanity and the necessity of doing what is right, instead of what is easy. His parents raised him to believe in his own abilities and to meet challenges with solutions, not complaints. When David’s father passed away, unexpectedly, at the age of 44, David, 19, took comfort in his family, his church and his father’s belief in him. He became determined to make sure that his family would always be cared for and that their future would be secure. David married his college sweetheart, Elena, and they have three children, Ariel (9), Armen (7), and Alex (5). As a proud American, David is concerned about not only his family, but the welfare of our state, country and all our citizens.

Time for a Real Change

For the past several years, David, along with the rest of the nation, has watched our great country stumble repeatedly under the direction of the current government.

Families today, throughout the country and throughout our own state of Ohio, are facing hardships and economic strain that has not been seen since the Great Depression. The citizens wait with straining patience for our troops to return home to the hero’s welcome they deserve. They wait for our economy to stabilize. They wait for the United States of America to return to the core values and beliefs for which it stands.

For David, the waiting is over. He has committed himself to securing the future of families throughout Ohio by providing solutions to problems our state and country currently face. These problems must be solved in order for America to, once again, be a nation where tomorrow is a day to be looked forward to, not to be gotten through.

The concerns of all Ohioans, whether Republican, Democrat or Independent can, and will, be solved through new, independent leadership which will fight for the future of the family, not the political party. That leadership is David Krikorian. Please support David's efforts to have the opportunity to represent our district in Congress. He, in turn, will work to provide families, in our district, the opportunity for a secure future.


The Krikorian Plan

September 26, 2008

As a candidate for Congress, I have tried repeatedly to focus the debate on domestic and international economic security as it is by far the most pressing challenge facing us today. So far, I have heard virtually nothing on these subjects from my two opponents in this race. I am issuing this statement because I want all of the voters in my district to know where I stand, and I challenge my two rivals to do the same immediately.

Like most citizens in Ohio and across the nation, I am deeply troubled by the continuing deterioration of our financial system and lack of leadership by our elected officials in Washington. I entered this race because I saw these financial issues materializing over the past few years and knew that our country needed leadership that understands the systemic problems in our financial markets and what we should do to restore our economic security. I also knew that Jean Schmidt and Victoria Wulsin lacked the necessary background, experience, knowledge and understanding of business, economics and financial markets to provide that leadership.

Washington caused the problems we are now experiencing, so restoring confidence in our financial system can only happen IF we demand integrity in Washington. For too long, our congressional leaders have traded campaign contributions with Wall Street in exchange for foolishly eliminating regulations and changing the rules which enabled our current financial crisis. The Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury do not exist to be the private piggy banks of Wall Street. The government exists to govern, not to get rich at the expense of the very citizens for whom it's their duty to serve.

Artificially low interests rates and excessive money creation policies by the Federal Reserve are at the heart of our credit crisis. Low interest rates and easy money Fed policies are the main culprits in the housing bubble and mortgage meltdown. The citizens of this great nation deserve to have real congressional oversight and Representatives who have the integrity, experience, knowledge, and understanding of these issues to provide that oversight. Propping-up insolvent institutions with taxpayer debt under the threat that certain institutions are too big to fail is exactly the WRONG thing to do.

Instead, We Must:

  • Ban all political contributions from financial services firms.
  • End the capital gains tax on long-term investments encouraging capital to return to the United States.
  • Eliminate the tax on savings encouraging citizens to put their money back into banking institutions so those banking institutions have the capital to provide liquidity to our financial system.
  • Substantially reduce our country's foreign intervention saving billions per week in badly needed capital to use in shoring up our country's balance sheet.
  • End the Community Reinvestment Act which essentially pressures banks into making home loans to people who cannot afford them.
  • Restructure failing financial institutions through government take-over. Losses incurred should be borne first by the stockholders, second by the bondholders and third by the taxpayer. This action would keep the economic gears running without exposing the American taxpayer to $700B or more in debt.
  • Address the short-term liquidity needs of American businesses by establishing a national bank funded by the Treasury offering market rate collateralized loans to organizations that are unable to fund operations traditionally.
  • Organize a trustbuster task force to identify financial firms which are deemed too big to fail and break them up into smaller companies.
  • End the practice of self-regulation in the financial services industry as Wall Street has proven incapable of governing itself.
  • Bring structure and regulation to the OTC derivative markets, promote financial transparency and accountability, and limit CDS to hedging not speculating.
  • Develop a comprehensive domestic energy policy to stabilize our trade deficit and strengthen the dollar. Our devalued dollar is the main cause behind high energy costs.
  • Balance the federal budget by shrinking the size of government, modernizing our entitlement programs and decreasing our foreign intervention.
  • Institute a formal restatement of Glass Steagall restrictions on all banks doing business in the U.S. including multinationals, separating investment banking from traditional banking.
  • Ban the practice of naked short selling.
  • Return to a system of regional and local banks through a reinstatement of laws limiting bank ownership across state lines.
  • Institute a national usury ceiling for all interest rates and fees on all debt to prevent banks from perpetuating predatory interest rate schemes based on extending individual state laws.
  • Stop manipulating government economic statistics through the use of hedonic and seasonal fluctuations. Underreporting inflation is fraudulent especially to those on fixed incomes.
  • Simplify the US tax structure in order to promote job growth and strengthen consumer spending.
  • Fully fund the FDIC so that depositors have the confidence that their savings are safe. This past July, I urged Congress to immediately fund the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation because it does not have enough reserves to cover the mounting debt failures.

The second district in Ohio needs a Representative in Washington that understands these issues and can offer honest, effective solutions instead of party line rhetoric. Congresswoman Jean Schmidt has not, to my knowledge, issued a single statement in the past year on the major problems we are experiencing in our financial markets. I challenge Jean Schmidt and Victoria Wulsin to prove, in their own words, that they have an understanding of what is going on and what should be done.

When you elect me this November, you will be sending a loud and clear signal that politics as usual will no longer be tolerated. You will be sending someone to Washington with a background and great deal of experience in economics and finance. The question for you is have you had enough of partisan ineptitude and are you ready for a real and necessary change? We cannot afford to wait any longer.


Where I Stand on the Issues

 The Krikorian Plan

  • Ban all political contributions from financial services firms.
  • End the capital gains tax on long-term investments.
  • Eliminate the tax on savings.
  • Substantially reduce our country's foreign intervention.
  • End the Community Reinvestment Act.



 Inflation/High Gas Prices

  • Yes to Strong U.S. Dollar
  • Yes to Reduced Spending
  • Yes to Balanced Budget
  • Yes to Increased Interest Rates
  • No to Increased Money Supply
  • No to Ballooning Government Debt
  • No to Pork Projects
  • No to Wall Street Bailouts




 Foreign Policy:

  • Yes to reducing our foreign intervention (military and aid)
  • Yes to assisting our allies.
  • Yes to continuing our lead in military technology.
  • No to spending our wealth and lives on UN mandated "peacekeeping" missions.



 Taxes and Debt

  • Yes to Lower Taxes
  • Yes to Reduced Government Spending
  • Yes to Balanced Budget
  • Yes to Simplified Tax Code
  • No to Weak US Dollar
  • No to Ballooning Government Debt



 Social Values

  • No to Abortion
  • Yes to Gun Ownership
  • Yes to Death Penalty
  • Yes to Family Values



 Energy Policy

  • Yes to Drilling
  • Yes to Nuclear
  • Yes to Alternative Energy
  • No to Windfall Profits Taxation



 Immigration and Border Security

  • Yes to Immigration Reform
  • No to Birthright Citizenship for illegal aliens
  • No to Dual Citizenship
  • Yes to Enforcing Visa Rules
  • No to Amnesty
  • No to Welfare for Illegal Aliens



 Good Government:

  • Yes to Term Limits
  • No to Political Action Committee Campaign Contributions
  • Yes to Line Item Veto Power
  • Yes to One Subject at a Time Act
  • Yes to Separation of Church and State